Master Pose Component Breaks Simulated Physics

Not sure if this is in the right category. So I’ve been becoming more familiar with how the master pose component node works, and I’ve been able to successfully create skeletal mesh components that can become attached to my character via the master pose component. I was wondering if anybody has had issues with attaching a hair mesh that is rigged with bones via the master pose component and not being able to simulate physics. If I spawn the hair as it’s own object in the level, physics will simulate as expected, however, when it is parented via master pose, I cannot figure out why physics will not simulate. If it helps, the hair is using it’s own separate skeleton, not my characters skeleton. FYI I was able to successfully simulate soft body physics on my character so I’m familiar with how to simulate rag-doll physics for specific bones and my hair mesh is appropriately weight painted. Is there a specific node I need to add? Do I need to somehow call or get physics at start of master pose execution? I’m also a beginner at coding, I’ve only been learning the blueprint system now for a few months. Any help is appreciated.

Ok, well, after hours of troubleshooting I figured it out. I left the default skeletal mesh as, “None”, in my character blueprint. Then I connected the execution node from my EventBeginPlay to the exec input of SetSkeletalMesh node. From there I referenced the hair skeletal mesh for the target and defined the new mesh as my hair mesh. THEN I sent the exec from the SetSkeletalMesh node to the Master Pose Component node and everything works as it should. My apologies, I was losing my mind over this.
To recap for anyone who might encounter the same issue as me: In your main character blueprint, add a skeletal mesh component for your hair, do not assign a skeletal mesh. In the EventGraph, create an EventBeginPlay node, connect to SetSkeletalMesh node, target a reference to your hair skeletal mesh, chose what your hair mesh should be in the SetSkeletalMesh node, then connect that to your Master Pose Component.