Master Pose and Hide Bone By name

Hi all,

I’m using master pose for some clothing attachments and I’d like to hide parts of the mesh underneath. However because it’s the master mesh for the clothing it hides the clothing too!

Is there a workaround for this that anyone has found?


Have you tried forcing the clothing to show the bone after hiding it on the master.


Sorry for the long delay and thanks for the reply. I have tried unhiding the bones in the clothing meshes, but it appears to be ignored unfortunately! Any other suggestions most welcome :).

try hiding +1 bone
the next bone in the hierarchy

Hiding the +1 on which mesh? The original mesh or the child mesh? I’m not sure how that would help?

on the mesh that you are trying to hide
if you hide +1 and underneath, it should hide the mesh without hiding the clothing

But then I’d not be hiding what I need on the master mesh as that is the one that I need bits hidden on.

I was wondering if I did an un-hide of root from the clothing/slave mesh. I’m just waiting for my UE to open to try it.

This hasn’t worked either. I wonder if it just isn’t possible to override the hide master component?