Master Material - Few Feature

Hello all, I wondering if you can make a blueprint like variable system for master materials to help to make them more clear and more easy to use, and few more features.

  • The most powerfull node I created with materials is required to use alot of parameters and alot of nodes that used much that 1 time (in my case 4 different time and is just a RGB output that I calculate in a function that I use in other 4 functions. If it possible to store evrething in a local varriable it prevent to make materials feel a mess like this


  • And, or, xor, xand etc for bool parameters. I noticed that if I make a double check in mater material it cant allow me to set to true 1st and second they just dissapera from istance materials, if you implement bool operation it help to solve this problems.
  • Enumeration for material, I mean to make a better organization make a enumeration and switch operation between not only true our false but between a enimeration list of roads you can make calculate.

I’d be all up for AND, OR, XOR, Xand, Selector/Sequence nodes.
(Selector being the last “activated” in an array, and sequence being an array that plays the array in sequence.

Currently doing most of this with a bleepload of IF nodes.

I’m for a Graph System which includes Flow Controls. Basically HLSL in Blueprint.

I’m not an expert on GPU programming but iteration requires state, which is a big no-no for shaders, so I doubt we’ll see loops or array sequences.

You can safely pack parameters inside material functions, so should not be much of a mess.
There are cases where I’d also love to have and/or instead of nested IF’s, as well as complex flow control system and arrays, but for practical purposes it is more convenient to expand functionality of script node for this.

If I need to use the same parameter in more that 1 function I cant pack it in a function becouse I see that if I do it and mantain the same name and the same group for parameters and put them in different function is going in conflict and I cant set the parameters in istance materials.

Did you try MPCs?