Master Level Sequencer Not Working?! Possible BUG?


I have been trying to tackle this issue for the last 3-4 hrs and Im not sure if its actually a bug in 4.24?

I have followed along with multiple tutorials all explaining the sequencer/cinematics in more or less the same way, but each time they get to a certain point I run into a problem.

My goal here is simple, I just want to create a sequence which fades between 10 camera shots that I have setup.

So I set up a Level Sequence as my Master layer and placed 10 x Cinecameras around my level.
Each camera is assigned to its own Level Sequence where I have added some subtle movements and fades.

If I open the Level Sequence for each camera, pilot it and press play it works perfectly fine.

I then open my Master layer and the first thing I do is add a Shot Track and select Cam_01.

To this point everything is fine. Cam_01 comes in and if I press play, the shot plays as it should.

However, if I add another Shot Track in this case ‘Cam_02’, it brings in the new clip (without showing thumbnail images for some reason) and when I press play it shows the footage from Cam_01 again!

I then added another Shot Track (Cam_03) and press play and again, it also repeats the footage from Cam_01!

So when I press play over my 3 clips, it shows the Cam_01 footage three times?

What am I doing wrong here?

In the tutorials, they simply add their Shot Track for each camera, place it after the previous track, press play and they have a sequence.

I have attached an image for reference.

Any help, greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to double check here. The image you attached is the master sequence with a shot track? And the shot track points to level sequences that are called Cam_01, Cam_02, Cam_03? If you double click into Cam_02, that should take you into that level sequence that has a camera cut track in it which points to the camera you want. Perhaps you can attach a screenshot of what you have in Cam_02?