Master collapse and expand in outliner

One of many small things that would be useful in Unreal.

Large projects have world outliner with objects in folders and frequently folders in folder. Accidently click the wrong thing in the viewport and you’re now deep in the middle of a folder.
Rather than having twirl things closed (or open) consider alt key like other apps that applies the action to everything in the folder. So a single click causes the expanded folders to revert to all closed or all the way open.

Please EPIC make this happen, now for example i do another of usual hobby levels with optimization/lighting/asset reuse & modify learning and outliner has become complete hell to manage without master collapse all. I had to manually click one by one to make sense again and navigate better.


I’ve found a workaround for this …:


Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect way to work with folders. I’m wondering how people with large projects can work like this. Please Epic give us something :pray:

i’m using the text search filter combined with naming conventions. Much faster than hunting and pecking.

More info here:
Allar/ue5-style-guide: An attempt to make Unreal Engine 4 projects more consistent (

Thanks for the explanation, it saved me a huge amount of clicks! :slight_smile: