Master branch release (19/1/15) has broken (again!) my rotations

Hello everyone.
After solving this problem
i discovered in horror that it reappeared with one of the latest master branch releases.
I created a small demo to help you guys pinpoint the source of evil easier . Just press play and watch the little spider flip and rotate out of control and all the random values that the system adds to the rotator.
Dropbox - Error

Thank you.

Hey Roccinio,

I’m checking with the developers to see what might have changed, or if there’s a new way to handle this type of rotation. I’ll let you know when they get back to me.

Hey Roccinio,

I was able to fix the problem in your project by removing one of the Delay nodes from each of your rotation blocks and switching the order of the Sequence for setting the SpiderRotation values and running the Timeline. It looks like this:

For each Sequence at the start of the rotation block, I let the variables get set first, then ran the Timeline without the delay. Before, it would trigger the delay and then run the Timeline. I’m not certain why that stopped working, but my guess is that running the delay again at the end of the Timeline was upsetting the order of operations somehow. I will continue looking into it, but this is a cleaner way to run this logic anyway.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions about this setup.

Hey Ben,
Unless i misunderstood something i see the exact same behaviour as before.

Just give it a couple of minutes.Sometimes it does it from the first frame and others after a minute or so.

And could you please report that “wireframe” bug that irritates me everytime i re-open my project?


Arg, you’re right. It’s happening in mine as well, just takes longer than it does in your’s. I’ll keep looking.

Did you figure out what is going on? I strongly believe that it is a bug and a serious one if i may add since the system feeds the rotation values with weird numbers resulting in the above behavior.
If you agree with me could you please report it so we can see a fix soon? Thanks!

Well, I narrowed it down some. When set up the way I showed above, the rotation part of the BP works fine. The flipping appears to happen during the Set Actor Location sections. To test this, you can skip those sections and you’ll see the spider rotate without flipping. I still have to see why that bit of BP is causing this, and I believe it may be a similar problem the rotation used to have, but I’ll get back to you on that.

Hey! Any progress with this?

Okay, as I mentioned in my forum message to you, this appears to be an example of a Gimbal Lock problem in the editor. You can read about Gimbal Lock here, if you’re interested:

This is a general problem with rotators in the editor, and I don’t expect it will be an easy or quick fix for the developers, but it is a known issue.

The Actor is having trouble rotating along the Y axis, in this case, so to get past this we can simply rotate the Sprite component in the blueprint and then rotate the Actor in the level, essentially bypassing the problem axis entirely. Take the PaperSprite1 and rotate it by -90. Then, in the level, rotate the Actor by 90. Now it should rotate as expected!

Whoops, I should specify: in the components, rotate -90 along the Z axis, and then 90 along the Z in the level. But you probably figured that out already =)

Yep! That was my first ever question regarding paper2d :slight_smile: .If for any reason i get stuck i will p.m you for assistance . Unfortunately i now have to re write the whole blueprint logic but if this solves the above problem forever then i do not really mind.

Thanks again!

The logic should work fine the way you have it (or at least with the adjustments I suggested). The only thing I had to do was rotate that component and then rotate the actor(s) in the level.