Master Audio Submix Issue with Audio


anyone know would could be going on with render Movie with
Master Audio Submix and sequence as .avi.

I’ve added -audioMixer flag and enabled plugins ‘Sound Utilities’ and ‘Synthesis and DSP Effects’ and restarted but on creating the sequence the images run well as does the audio however when i get to the end of my sequence I get a repeating stuttering sound as if looping a very small portion of the sequence. then when i check the output the video is there but there is no audio at all.

any help/insights would be appreciated!

Can you provide more information? Which Engine version are you using? What is your setup like? How long is your render?

Also, you might want to look at this approach:

This will render a wav file which you can synchronize in a video editor afterward.

Hi Dan, thanks for getting back.
Latest 4.25 release on rtx2080ti, win 10 latest.

Sequence I was trying to output was only just over a minute long.

Yeh, looks like I’m doing it the old fashioned way!