Master Ack Bug List & Status

Just a suggestion but just like posting your patch notes when you do update, it would be extremely nice to have a master stickied thread for a acknowledged bug list and status. Not all submitted bugs are actual bugs and many of them could just be user errors etc. However that’s why you have an acknowledged bug list. Its all known issues and your working on them.

I can give you my current list:

Landscape visibility tool
Speedtree not working
Foliage Tool not laying collisions
Seems like people complaining about transparent shaders not working real well ( This one is over my head )

No… :frowning: I thought it was a brilliant idea.


Basic release notes are made available with every update. These can currently be found here on the forums in the Announcements section, and we are looking into options to offer more comprehensive release notes as time goes on. As for providing a master bug/feature list, with multiple thousands of these in our database currently this simply would not be a feasible list for us to provide or maintain. But with that said, we are open to the idea of something like the “top 10 currently reported issues” and will give it consideration.

Thanks for the feedback.