Massive UI Lag in Blueprint UE5 Editor [UE5.0.1]

I’m getting 5-15 seconds of delay in the Blueprint editor when trying to drag nodes, drag off nodes, or right clicking to get to the context menu.
Zooming seems unaffected, and once the initial lag is gone, nodes can be moved without lag for a bit, but anything bringing up the context menu for new nodes will always cause the 5-15 second hang.

EDIT: The lag seems to extend to blueprints in general. Editing in the viewport (moving/deleting) can have a similar long hang time.

This is for blueprints comprising of 20-30 nodes, so not huge.

By comparison, editing blueprints in UE4.7 there’s a 1-2 second delay for much larger and more complex blueprints.
In UE5, this lag is relatively small 1-2 seconds for small blueprints, but seems to ramp up in delay time as soon as more nodes are added.

GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1080
RAM: 32
CPU: i7 3.3Ghz
I use 2 displays. an ultrawide and a 4k.
Plenty of disk space, as I said works fine in 4.7 & 4.6

As for lag in the editor itself, very minor delays when creating new objects; but nothing beyond what I expect.
I’m using Nanite and Lumen, but disabling those does not improve blueprint editor performance.

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