Massive time saver with Amazing LOD Maker

Well here’s an LOD tooll we use in our game development pipeline which auto generates LOD’s with a click of a button. It can be configured and tweak for those that want a little more control. But as is it does an awesome job, it’s like wishing all of your meshes had LOD’s and boom done!

It was created in a Blueprint Form, since all operations are done internally and in editor only, Reason for not making it a plugin, so that it wouldn’t need updating or recompiling, Much easier to migrate over to newer versions of the engine. This has done wonders for our project.


  • Drag The Tool into the scene
  • Add folder name where your meshes are located or multiple folders
  • Click generate, Wait and your done
  • If your meshes doesn’t already have collisions you can also have the tool make collisions for all of your meshes simple or convex it’s up to you. That simple.
  • Once your done remove the tool from the scene.
  • It’s non-destructive
  • Just awesome

tell me what you think, I’ve put this baby thru hell and back and works amazing over 10000 meshes in a little over a minute. Fast, Easy, just click and go.

I’ve uploaded a video where you can see it in action
if you think something like this would be useful for you in your project let me know here or on the YouTube Channel,** Now Available at the Marketplace.**
Easy LOD Maker V2 in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

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Oh, well i apologize for posting in the wrong section, i just wanted to see how much interest the tool got that way we could consider in packaging it for the market place and if anything it will be pretty cheap.

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Back 2 Topic: Its nice and all but how does it differ from the built in LOD maker? So far the only interesting thing is the speed. 10000 meshes per minute is not bad.
EDIT: After thinking a few minutes, a potentially interesting area would be procedural mesh generation…

Well it’s Not meant to be a replacement to the built in its more like a tool that can take all of the meshes (Static Meshes) that you have and make LOD’s for all, and yes the lod screen distance for LOD’s are determined by Mesh Dimensions, so it give’s you a nice transition. And all of this is done with one click as shown in the Video. Now if your referring to HLOD system in UE4 i believe you can also use that as well, i havent tried it yet. But HLOD is for clustering from what i understand. Anyway this is just a tool to make your life easier.