Massive pawn Movement/Speed differences from testing on PC to Mobile?

So I’m trying to make a driving game

I have the speed and acceleration of the car being triggered by using a set timer by function.

And I have no idea why. but on the mobile the car is moving about 10x faster

Does anyone know how to get a more consistent speed over multiple platforms? Is the function not accurate?

I’ve tried looking around for an answer but I don’t know how to phrase the problem I’m having for search engines

Because the time is frame locked.
scale everything by world delta time and you should get what you need.

Thanks for your response!.

I had shot at scaling it by world delta and I must be doing it wrong because it didn’t work. Now the mobile is much slower than the PC

Is this what you meant?;

No. Multiply any speed or similar value by world delta time.

Okay, after changing the variables to being multiplied by the world delta time and even simplifying it to rule other issues I was still having a noticeable difference in performance

For example:
The PC would accelerate to max speed at around 15 seconds
The Mobile would accelerate to max speed in 2.5 seconds

I noticed something strange when changing my testing from the mobile preview to the new editor window however

The speed was the same on the mobile as the new editor window at 2.5 seconds to max speed

This doesn’t make much sense to me. I wondered if you or anyone else can shed some light on this?

not without being able to review the project, it could be a ton of things.
if you are sure all speed values are scadute by handspring at least once where appropriate (before use in on tick functions), the next step would be to look into project settings and make sure the PC platform settings are as similar as possible to mobile.
including those in the physics tab.

I don’t like the sound of a ton of things! :S

What I’m trying to avoid is having a car be faster on a different platform
I really didn’t expect to see this even just in the editor

Here’s the changes I made.
I’m see if I can find an example of scaled by handspring;
Do you have an example of what that would look like? So I can rule that out
I’m just taking stabs in the dark

I’ll take a look at the settings
Even if I’m not using physics? - I’m just using a character pawn for that simple arcade-like feel.

I’ve been doing more testing altering the max FPS and the FPS is still effecting the speed

From your BPs there are some things that are not right.

For example, the car acceleration, you have:

((car_acceleration * 2) + 20) * dt + movement_speed

but it should be:

(((car_acceleration * 2) + 20 + movement_speed) * dt

The best thing you can do is use a spreedsheet and experiment until you understand the concept.

Here is an example with 4 formulas, for 2 different FPS, where we can see that an object at 30 FPS must move 2x the distance / frame than at 60 FPS.

Hey Evil that’s a useful chart. Great job.