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MMORPG like Boss fight

FULL Video of the Fight: [CENTER]Boss Fight - Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube
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(Servant - Add)


Hey Im Ben, The video above is showcasing an MMORPG (World of Warcraft) stylish boss fight through a currently short game, that Im developing.
I fighted the boss alone, with 2 absolutely basic AI ( All they could do is just shoot the boss. They were more like, just “Screen fillers”… ), but … in the very close future, I will update the code to work in multiplayer mode.

  1. All the game mechanics are created by me (C++ / Blueprints are providing fluid gameplay.).
  2. 90% of the assets used in this game, created by Epic Games (from Paragon).
  3. The current game still has some bugs, and optimization issues waiting to be fixed!
  4. Updates are coming soon in video format to the youtube channel.

Some of the Boss abilities:
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Activity: Phase 1 / Phase 2

		From the beggining of the fight, the boss **constantly spawning Orbs from the sky, dealing tough damage, and knocking away the target!** (Marker placed on the ground, where the Orb is going to arrive. - Standing in the marker causes the player receiving a DOT(Damage overtime Effect) + the longer the fight lasts the bigger the orb size is going to be..)

Activity: Phase 1 / Phase 2

		About every 20 secs the boss **spawning 2 adds** (servants), and **releasing a massive barrage of orbs to the area.** (These orbs are smaller than the one is constantly spawning.)

Activity: Transition between Phase 1 and Phase 2

		At a given time **4 torches spawning to the ground**, (Only 5 sec is given to pick one up.), then the **are becomes really dark**, and the boss goest to the sky, he keeps flying around the area for a short time. The **torch helps you light up the ground around you**. Then the boss comes down from the sky, the darkness goes away, **and you have a limited time to light up the boss causing him to receive a DOT**.

Acivity: Phase 2

		About every 15 secs the boss **spawning a dark wind, which is pushing you away to a specific direction**. (Direction changeing every 15 secs..)

Thanks for reading, leave you opinion here, or under the youtube video!
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#New Video!

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