Massive obb file Android

using the first person template, it has about 5 materials and a similar amount of extremely low poly meshes.
the .apk file is 20mb, the .obb file is a MASSIVE 635mb packaged with shipping. a development build produces a 2.2Gb obb file.

why is it so big?

how can i reduce the size considerably, not just the 15mb saving by removing slate?

is it even necessary for installing on a device?


Did you include the Starter Content in your project? If so, you should delete it, at least the Starter map so that it won’t package it.

And, cook for a single texture format, not the All texture format mode.


sorry this is not resolved. cooked for etc1 it is still 293mb. all but a few materials/textures from the starter content have been deleted as well as the starter map. is this the size to expect?

Take a look in your Saved/Cooked/Anroid_ETC1 directory, and see what is taking up the space… Doesn’t seem right if the Starter Content map(s) isn’t in there.


ok so the textures in the starter content are massive. changing them to 256 the obb file is 87mb, not that bad but could be better.

in cooked/… the engine takes 34mb, content takes 32mb.
where does the extra 40mb come from in the apk and obb files?


Hiya tegleg, I’m similarly trying to reduce my obb.file. How did you reduce the starter textures to 256, for me their source files appear to be .uassets files not Jpegs/pngs so I can’t edit the resolution. Was the resolution reduction something you done in-engine?

hello, double click the textures. you can change the size in the properties. depending what the texture is for, or how big it will appear on screen, even x64 looks ok and reduces the size quite a bit more.