Massive multiplayer inperson rpg

Hello, I recently started a company called Fablestay with the aim of creating an mmirpg. I am planning on using ar, 3d mapping, and various other techniques to create an immersive experience.

I created this post to get some discussion on the feasibility of using ue4 for a 500+ user multiplayer game and how this might be possible and what hurdles I will be facing?

Do you have any experience developing games/multiplayer games/VR/AR?

go through this thread … this involves almost all the questions of your interest.]( Admin Login, User, Password & IP - Router Login) hope this would be helpful to you!!

Darthviper107, no I do not. I do have a board and we will hire a dev team during the completion of the first couple of phases. This project is still at least 3 years out and I just need a working knowledge to begin pricing out the project for aquiring capital. Markronson9 thanks for the link, that helped a lot.

Hello @Brnmpn

I personally would have asked those questions and started AR prototyping with UE4 prior to starting a company. A google search on max players in UE4 would have produced a result to this statement answering both questions.

Supporting 100 concurrently players is a good start. If you can support 100, then figuring out a cost effective means to scale to 500 or beyond should be much easier because you’ll have an understanding of how UE4 networking/replication works. There are Scaling solutions like theAWS GameLift AWS Server, AWS Client, plugin a managed service for deploying and scaling dedicated multiplayer game servers in the AWS Cloud.

Wish your company great financial revenues.

Then you should try something much smaller, what you’re wanting to do is difficult even for experienced developers and without experience then you’re going to be facing a much more difficult challenge. The only way that can work is if you have unlimited money to be able to overcome the lack of experience.


Suggestion: Read this and follow the links here

The economics of the videogames industry are brutal and worse obviously for those starting out from nothing. As hinted above, most teams develop a prototype ‘on the cheap’ pretty quickly. Then they gauge player interest through Discord or Steam or a successful or even a failed IndieGoGo / Kickstarter campaign etc. Remember, the talent you need to hire ‘to create the magic’ are all busy working themselves on other projects. So you still have to compete for their time and interest. Then there’s setting up closed tests to polish the game and show off its potential…

All going well that might be around the time outside funding starts to show up, but there’s no guarantee. Studying past SteamSpy numbers or other industry sources can offer useful insights here. You’d be surprised at what’s succeeded and what’s flopped! Then you have to set-up / rent servers and enjoy the whole marketing and promotional side. Honestly, if it wasn’t so much fun making games, I’d say go and do something else like take up Texas Hold’em professionally. The odds are better. :stuck_out_tongue: - TL;DR: Bring bags of money and be prepared to burn through it all…