Massive memory leak in the editor

Hello, UE4 consume huge amount of memory, so i assume it’s memory leak, after some search it’s seems to be common thing with BP and Editor. But the main problem - i cannot get rid of it. To put it simple after PC reboot UE take something like 5-6min to load, after few hours of work the amount of used memory = 80% (i have 32gb over all, we talking about 16 and up to 20 gb used memory) When i’m closing program(UE) i’m still having those 80% memory usage, so program working in the background, if i re-open it it’s take less then five seconds to load, this pretty much confirms that it’s working in the back ground.
How do i get rid of it ? Free memory what being used by UE, in this situation i need re-boot PC after i’m done with UE. I try use third party tools like system explorer to find process and kill it - doesn’t show it, memory still being used. I’m in desperate situation where i need solution to this problem. Any kind of help / advice is more then welcome.

i’m running win10 x64, 32 ggb ddr3, GTX980ti and i7. If you need any more information please let me know.

Thank you, i really need solution to this.
Best regards.

Hi upsidedownsugar,

A memory leak for 4.10 has been reported and is being tracked on the following post:

Please try upgrading to 4.11 preview and let us know if the issue persists.



thank you for your replay. But i have one more question -
If i update to 4.11 (iirc it’s in preview version currently) Are there a way “downgrading” to 4.10 ? I had few times project being half broken after upgrade and yet didn’t found way of downgrading to old version.

There is not a way to “down grade” your project but you can open UE 4.11 and, once open, choose Open a copy of your 4.10 project. That way if there are major problems with 4.11 you can revert to 4.10.

Also, the bug reported appears to be directly linked with certain Blueprint assets being left open in the editor. Before upgrading to UE 4.11 you may want to experiment with closing the blueprint editor whenever you are not actively working on a specific asset -instead of leaving one or more blueprints idling in the background.