MASSIVE Halloween Sale - All Ironbelly packs are 25 - 50% off!

**In celebration of Halloween and the release of our 50th pack on the marketplace we are launching our biggest sale yet: **
**[FONT=comic sans ms]The week-long Ironbelly Spooktacular sale! **](Content by Ironbelly Studios Inc - UE Marketplace)

Every single one of our packs will be on sale by as much as 50% off so click on the link above or the image below and grab what you need because a sale like this won’t come around often!

When does the sale start?

Hey Jojo, it just started this morning. Fill yer boots!

Holy Crossbows Batman! Check out thisAnimated Crossbow Pack for 25% OFF this week! Take aim and shoot those arrows into the pumpkin or apple if you prefer :slight_smile:

**Haunted by amazing deals and great savings? Afraid that ghosts of savings past will keep you up at night? Well fear not! You can still take advantage of Spooktacular deals! **

Do you have any spooky plans for the weekend? We do and it involves every one of our packs! Savings so big, they’re scary! NOW until Monday!

Today is the last day folks so fill yer boots! We’ve never done a sale like this before and we’re not likely to put **everything on sale at once **](Content by Ironbelly Studios Inc - UE Marketplace)again for the rest of the year. So if you were on the fence about buying a pack- DO IT!