Massive framerate drop on GUI interaction


I just got into UE4 and I’m having a bit of trouble with the performance of the editor.
I’m running the engine on a completely new laptop (MSI GE62 - dxdiag below).
Bought it only two days ago, so it’s a pretty clean setup too.
The framerate is at a constant 60fps whenever I navigate in the viewport.
However, if I interact with the editor’s GUI (and by “interact” I mean, hovering the mouse over a button, or any other highlighting GUI element) the framerate drops down to roughly 9fps.

In fact the problem is the same as the one posted here:

However unresolved for 4.10, or at least this system.


Found the problem.
Already kinda suspected it. It’s a conflict with some of the laptop’s pre-installed software (that’s why you should format newly bought hardware I guess). More precisely it’s a conflict with:

Nahimic for MSI (v1.2.2 )

which is actually a program for sound managment.

However it seems to run a screen overlay that shows notifications whenever you plug in a headset or microphone (“External Audio Device detected - Optimize here” and stuff like that).

To me it seems that this particular feature is in conflict with the UE4’s GUI. Anyway, to solve the problem:

  • Close Nahimic
  • Restart Unreal Engine

And that’s it. For others experiencing a similar problem I recommend closing any software that shows similar notifications.