Massive and Unreal 4 ??

Hi guys,

Any chance you guys can talk to the “Massive” guys and make it possible to use their AI
and crowd sims in Unreal 4? Please, please :slight_smile:

You mean Massive Entertainment owned by Ubisoft? But Ubisoft dev studios don’t use UE4 as i know, but there internal engines

I guess he means massive software, the one for simulating crowds, armies etc.

That’s probably not possible to integrate with a game engine

More than likely it wont. Massive is made for Pre rendered Game Cinematics, Movies, etc.

Not real time stuff.

Didnt udk have crowd systems? And I think I remember on one of the twitch streams they are working on batching large numbers of crowd animations that save alot of performance which is sort of the same thing? I mean there are some games that have a ton of characters on screen in large crowds with great performance trying to think of one hmm dead rising?

Are we talking about AI hotspots or are we talking about something else?

I do not recall that livestream.

Not exactly sure which stream but they did say they are working on a way to save performance for a larger amount of animated characters for fortnite

Either way take a look at the prices on and you will see that it is too expensive to put that tech in a free game engine, let alone the other real-time reasons

Well plug-in marketplace is coming, if any company wants to offer something to UE4 they will be free to do it

That would be awesome :slight_smile:
It would certainly be the way forward if you could simply give NPC’s AI without having to “noodle” so much in the Kismet.
Simply say you are scared and you wanna hide and then they will behave that way and interact with map’s features.
Simply give them “personalities” and “mood swings” :slight_smile:
I know you can “dial” these things in but it still seems like a lot of work and pretty buggy at this point :slight_smile:

Yeah but the AI and the render parts are two different things. You could use the Massive AI and link that to the rendering of U4. Anyway just a thought. :slight_smile:

Assassins Creed had great crowd AI - think there is a documentary on that on You Tube.