MassFX and Unreal

Is it possible to use mCloth from MassFX found in 3D Max to create the dynamics for an object to have cloth in Unreal? I know Apex does it, but I have had some issues with the Apex plugin and would like to try MassFX inside 3D Max.


No, that is not supported.

So is there an alternative to having dynamic cloth inside Unreal? Or is an Apex exported from PhysX plugin the only way?

Apex is the only way to set that up

Hi all

can you use apex to animate hair also or is there and other way to animate hair?



Do you want the hair (physics) to be pre-animated in another application, or the physics calculated during runtime inside Unreal? Because it sounds like darthviper is saying for it to calculate during runtime inside unreal it has to be Apex and Apex only. If it is going to be pre-animated in another app, you would just bake that animation into your FBX export.

The only animation you can bring in would be morphs or bone animation. Otherwise you need to set up a physics solution with Apex/PhysX in UE4

So depending on the hair style, if you’re doing something like a hair braid then you can do that with bones, if you just want it to sway then you’d want to do that in the engine with Apex/PhysX

Thanks darthviper107