MassAI starting guide not working with 5.2

Hello! I’m trying to implement crowd behaviour by following this guide Your First 60 Minutes with Mass | Tutorial but agents seems to not move in 5.2.

I checked every step more than once, but I could not find the issue.
Any idea?

Thanks a lot



I have the same issue. In general, crowd behaviour and Mass Crowd seem to be broken after version 5.1.

Has anybody figured out a way to make it work for Unreal Engine versions >= 5.1?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, I’m having the same issue too.
I’m following the cited tutorial on the Unreal Engine 5.2 version. Even following it step by step, there is no way to make it work: the feeling is that I am missing a key step.

Any help would be super appreciated.


Same problem here!
I succeded to make it works in 5.1 whit some hacks ( that were causes an hit on performance ), but no way to make crowd move in 5.2

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has anyone worked this out yet?

Yep, 08/10/23 still not working in 5.2

God I miss UE4

Have you add the massAgent in your BP_thirdPerson?

Yes, I have the component in it and it’s completely setup with the required data asset and additional features, followed a couple of tutorials with neither working

Ok, for me it’s working in 5.1/5.2/5.3 maybe i can help you!

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  1. Create a basic new level in your persistent and add your Zoneshape
  2. Create a new folder like MassAITest.
  3. Create an environment Query Donut
    4.create a MassEntityConfigAsset with 13 Traits

in your ZoneGraph navigation add a lane filter

Then go to your zone graph project settings

back in your MassEntityConfig

in your Assorted fragments add 5 array elements

in stateTree create a new one choose a mass behavior schema

in root add an evaluators zg annotation tags

add a state on your root call it RoamAround and add it transitions

then 2 tasks


back in massEntityConfigAsset:
crowd visualization traits : add your BP character then change the LODRepresentation like below :slight_smile:

add the MassAgent in your BP

oh and in your Query you can change the details like this:

add your mass spawner

Build your zone graph then simulate.

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Thanks! <3 I’ll try this when I get to my desk

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Thanks LTT-USGS , it slis working for 5.3