Mass repositioning of static objects

Okay, I’m doing a space game and after placing the stars where I want them and thinking I had everything scaled the way I wanted, I realized everything is very very very small. So, I’m rescaling the stars, but in so doing I should move them all. Is there a way to move them all radially from world 0,0,0? Such as, multiplying all coordinates, en masse, by 10?

I’m sure I could do it all in blue print, but then I’d have that being done every time the map is built. Is there a way to set it so that it’s that size always, even in the editor? Like, once it’s changed, that’s the new starting position and then I can delete the blueprint?

I have tried doing simple (and dare I say derpy) stuff like selecting all objects and then in the location multiplying by 10 and seeing if that moved everything. Obviously, it doesn’t work that way.