Mass Rename Material Editor

Hi guys, when creating material instances, if I want to copy and paste that instance I have to rename all the nodes in the material editor that I have turned into parameters.
Is there a quick way to mass rename in the material editor?

Many Thanks

Can you give a bit more detail? So you copy the material instance, why would you want to change the names of the parameters after that?

I am sure that there is a way with editor scripts to do that.

So when you crate a material function and you assign groups for nodes so that it appears organized in the parameters, when you copy and paste that material function as a whole, you have to then go through and rename the groups on the nodes because there is now a naming conflict as both material functions share the group names. So when you adjust one parameter it adjusts all on the pasted material functions.

There has to be a way to rename multiple groups and/or nodes at the same time?


Hi guys, is there any way to mass rename items in the material editor.
So in the Parameter names of the nodes, If I have the prefix COL_ (as in the above image) on all my nodes, but I need to go in and change every single one of these for any duplicates to RGH_ & NRM_ & DSP_ etc but I have hundreds of nodes and lots of material to go through. I also need to add custom suffix’s to the parameters names for individual materials.

There has to be a quicker **‘Find & Replace’ **function inside unreal engines material editor to quickly and easily rename nodes?

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