Mass gameplay framework or the built-in object-oriented framework, which one would become the winner next?

Which one would you choose?

  • Mass gameplay framework
  • Built-in gameplay framework
  • “Combined” gameplay framework
  • Depends on your project
  • Other

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Recently, i am learning the mass framework, and learned a lot about data oriented programming.
It looks powerful and elegant, so attractive to me.

I am feeling like standing on an important crossroad, and don’t know which way to go:

  • Stick on to the OOP


  • Embrace the DOP

Consider I have a small custom game framework (OOP) build on top of Unreal Engine and I haven’t started to build my actual game yet, several questions appearing in my mind:

  1. Should I rebuild every system with mass framework for taking the advantage of DOP?

  2. How far are we from the “true” ECS when mixing mass framework with existing OOP systems(Animation, UMG, Actor, etc…)

  3. How to covert a existing system like the “Game Ability System” into mass framework?