Mass effect clone with blueprints?

Would it be possible to clone a tps like deues ex human revolution or mass effect by just using blueprints or would you have to do some c++ also?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. It would certainly be easier and more optimized with C++, but you can pretty much do anything you would need to with Blueprints.

If it was done all in C++ it would be better. I may try to do something like it with blueprints and see how it goes.

Yeah all of the features in it are pretty easy to reproduce in blueprints alone. Somebody has already done a selection wheel UMG object with branching options etc, matinee handles the cutscenes, and there is a third person template. Nothing really too complicated about mass effect. Just lower your expectations though because to do something like that alone would take you about 20 years.