Mass Editing Tip

I had to change a whole lot of variables in the last few days to tweak my mods so I wanted to share a very useful feature of UE4 that you may not have realized existed or know how to use. Read over the guide here for the Property Matrix. It allows you to select many items in the content browser (that hopefully are similar in variable structure) and pin variables so you can mass edit them in the matrix. An example can be seen below where I was editing loot set weights. Hope it helps!

Added this to the mega info thread! Good share! Just stumbled upon this myself earlier today in a tutorial I was watching. This is gonna save a lot of people time!

  • Sinari

Excellent! Thanks for the info!

Nice! This is one of those features easily overlooked, but very helpful. I’ll see if I can include this in the upcoming best practices for modding.

MASSIVE timesaver, thanks for sharing!

Edit : Also just now discovered that you can actually copy multiple values from a spreadsheet and paste them into multiple rows! Just keep your spreadsheet item order the same as the editor and it’s smooth sailing from there.

Wow thank you I was working on a ton of stuff that was exactly the same except the build costs

The guide is a little out of date, and I’m not sure how to ‘pin’ properties. All i have is a large blank area with the two objects listed.

In what window am I supposed to pin the properties?

I’d like to compare weapBow and weapBow_Tranq to see where the torpor effect comes from.