MASS AI in Unreal Engine 5 Preview 1

I can see the new Mass AI plugin In the Unreal Engine 5 preview plugins. I enabled it and went to the plugin folder and looked inside. There’s a few folders and a couple of levels but nothing working out of the box. Anybody managed to get it working? Or has an idea about the workflow?,UE5 MASS ECS , Currently I am researching how to use mass Behavior

Thanks for this! I ran it and at least you got it to spawn. I can see that you are also trying to make them move. I tried to look into it as well, I just feel that I have no idea what I am doing. Did you have a starting point (ie documentation) for setting up the file, or are you also tip toeing in the dark?

You can take a look at the massowner in the scene. The configuration file is massentifyassetdata

At present, there are only articles in China on the Internet. You can try to translate and read them. Of course, you can also learn Chinese if you are interested. It will be very interesting.

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Ok I’ll check it out. Thanks you