Masking opacity on overlap with multiple volumes?

Hey guys,

Artist here. I have some BP experience, but no C++ experience.

I’m working on a plugin that requires that I mask out opacity for a material that overlaps a particular volume. Specifically, solid walls that will be cut into when a door or window BP is snapped over it. In concept, it felt achievable with blueprints - but it’s turning out to be more difficult than anticipated.

I got something working with a 3D Cube Mask, but then realized I could only have one cube mask at a time, which won’t work for me. (Picture attached)

The next solution I came across was maybe using distant fields to mask out my geometry - but that requires I turn on distant fields at the project level. This is a content plugin, so I’d rather not force that on.

Is this something that would be achievable with scripting? Before I head down this path, I just want to know I’m not going to waste anymore time.

Or does an idea come to mind for achieving this more easily?

It was such a simple idea in theory…