marvelous designer

im thinking of purchasing a copy of marvellous designer, I had a friend let me have a play with their version of 3 and I loved it and am thinking of buying the lastest build. but my question for the unreal community has any one used this program and if so do you know of anything better I should try or purchase instead reason I ask is this is the first time ive come across anything like this program and couldn’t find anything simular on the net so if there is anything better out there I would love to know before I spend money. thank you for your time unreal community

this is the only one i’ve heard of anyways

Marvellous designer is definitely one of the best ways to do fabric and worth it for any character artist. I can’t think of a better application for it’s purpose.

A ton of 3D artists are using it now for doing clothing, lots of visual effects studios as well. I would say if you’re a serious character artist it should be one of your tools.

I’ve tried it before and it’s amazing. I will definitely go for it when I need to make more clothes.

I’ve used it for the trial period and liked it very much. Haven’t used it since, but I do plan on buying it when I get back into character work. Seems invaluable.

thank you very much every one for your feed back. i ended up purchasing it.

Can you please let us know how you get on with it? I would be very interested to hear how easy it was to integrate it with the Unreal Engine’s rigging and animations.

i will add your name into a sticky note to remind my self to update you on my discoveries.

i will add your name into a sticky note to remind my self to update you on my discoveries.

A friendly reminder here too, not just the stickies :wink:
I’m interested too!

any update on this, MD looks like a very nice and powerful program.