Marvelous Designer 5 to Unreal Engine 4 - Speedy Workflow

This just shows my workflow for going from MD5 to UE4 AFAP. With this test i wanted a worst case scenario. This means I did not retopo the clothing from MD5, I did not add in clothing details for folds in ZBrush, and for all my textures I exported as 4k textures which would be overkill but for me i needed to stress test my system with unoptimized data. This is a highly shorted over view of everything I did to achieve this flow. If there is other information you would like to know just ask me. Hope this helps some. As always there are better ways to do any process and many things that can be done to optimize your end result. Have fun creating.

I can’t wait to make something more advanced with this program. After my monthly sub ends I’m definitely buying the perpetual copy.

Did a timelapse of the whole process from MD to UE4. Hope it helps some.

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Hello, your work is very nice. I can’t understand how to export the materials, texture and uvmap to UE4 from MD5.
How can you create the perfect texture and lightmap to use in UE4?