Mars Space Corridor Scene


This is my first hard surface attempt and sci-fi environment. I’m creating it for portfolio purposes and without rush.

So here are screenshots nad movie :slight_smile:

I reckon your lighting is a bit overbright inside with shadows being washed away.
Just my 2 cents. But its looking good

Looking really great! It may just be my monitor but I think your Mars could use a bit more red color in it. It looks a bit desaturated right now.

Holy **** man, This is awesome. I really like the feel of it. The terrain looks amazing. I like the inside too with all the tubes hanging out. If you don’t mind me asking what was your pipeline for the terrain?

World Machine > Exporting maps (Height, Rocks, Sand, and transmission)> importing to Unreal. Every Layer got NM and heightmap generated in nDo. As soon as I get home I can some pics. I didn’t stream levels, whole terrain is 8k*8k size.

Looks nice. Mars looks a little yellow, but still good nonetheless. I really like the windows. =)

Little update.
I’ve changed colors of terrain to get rid of yellowish sand. Also I noticed I forgot to change lights to static after playing with SVOGI :wink: Now I have shadowing artifacts which needs to be taken care of :frowning:

Also I have noticed serious refraction issues on windows, will work on them soon.

I think this looks fantastic! Well done, I look forward to seeing the updates

Looking good, love the new terrain colors.

Update :slight_smile:

I’ve tuned lightning setup and materials. Also skylight solved issue where shadows on landscape appeared black. Here’s a movie!

Liking the corridor more now. keep it up

This is really good stuff. Epic just released a SciFi Bunk under the learn tab that has some pretty cool stuff you might want to use.

Thanks for feedback!
It means, it’s for my showcase for futher job application :slight_smile:

Hey really nice scene! What are you doing for the cloud/dust storm in the landscape? Is it a particle system or shader?