Mars Police


I’ve been working on this game since forever and it finally looks and feels like a real game.

demo Mars Police by Brajan Martinovic

livestream tests: Mars Police - YouTube

this big update brings mostly under the hood changes to AI, navigation, damage system and mission editing scripts . + Nitro boost flying and destruction. My goal was to put all the major mechanics into one level/mission in order to demo and test the game :

  • flying and shooting

  • using the laser beam to pick up items and deflect enemy missiles

  • nitro boost

  • objectives UI

  • in mission 3, enemies attack a complex moving target ( train ) by medium fighters while light drones provide cover. Later, a static target blocks the train and needs player’s attention.

  • pickup hostage

  • mission endings: killcam, fail/win states

Making more content is much easier now, the flying AI is customizable and supports helicopter and airplane-like behavior, although pathfinding and navigation is something I’m likely to polish forever -.-

The mission 3 is designed to be the hardest so I’ll have to make some easier ones between.

More weapon types like flak cannon and multiple missile launcher are in the works. Laser system supports a fixed and auto targeting beam, enough to make further hybrids and sick combos. Countermeasures could also be made by modifying a missile…

Capital ships are planned for the next update and I don’t expect aaaany problems at all since it’s more of the same only bigger. Right! Defeating a huge battleship in air would require jumping on it to disable the shields and destroying the engines, turrets and wings and nitro boosting through them much like the rock is destroyed in this demo.

A very lame system of radio banter exists, it’s barely noticeable and I would like to experiment with it more, mostly to provide some character to player’s buddies.

Dynamic ‘‘sandboxy’’ patrol missions ( like mission 2 ) would take most of the game’s time while big scripted missions like the mission 3 would forward the story. Patrol can provide laid-back cruising while looking for trouble. A randomly generated ‘‘wanted list’’ of crooks would be a nice addition to patrol activities, this is where a police siren might affect the gameplay.

The mouse/keyboard controls may not be a cup of everyone’s tea so what I want to do next is fork the project and use the core stuff to make simpler controller-friendly air combat games.

most of soundfx is temp


no controller support, mouse and keyboard only. key bindings can’t be changed yet.


Hey @sittingducky,

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far.

This gives me serious Risk of Rain vibes. The crazy colors, the super-bright lasers and particles, and the constant action. Despite your annoyance at the AI behavior, it already seems well polished and genuinely enjoyable to play. :grinning:

Do you have plans for a steam release?

Hey, thank you very much :slight_smile:

I would love to release it but a lot of graphics work still remains so it won’t be anytime soon… The plan is to make another much smaller game using the mechanics i have here to test the waters of Steam and Epic Store.

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Final product for this would 100% be so fun :joy: Hope to see it soon =D

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Looks super polished!

thank you! you’re most welcome to try the demo of course! :saluting_face: Mars Police by Brajan Martinovic