Mars in UNREAL ENGINE 5: A UE5 Space Cinematic


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Greetings @LTowers95!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful project. I am a huge space fanatic and adore any space-related creations! I got the chance to check out your other space-related projects, such as Jupiter and Desert planet, and they are excellent as well!

The detail of each planet is mesmerizing; how long does it usually take to create these works of art?

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Thank you so much @Zezkaii !

It can take about a day to put together a planet - the textures come from NASA and JPL’s websites - so authentic! The most time consuming part is often tweaking the sky atmosphere shader to get a good match!

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It’s no problem at all, and I see. Not only are you very efficient with your planetary creations, but they are spectacular to witness!

Thank you again for sharing your project, and I hope to see more space-themed cinematics from you in the future! :ringer_planet:

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