Mars Home Planet Rendering Challenge 2018

We imagine life on Mars would be with one million people on board.

From our own literature searches, we have found that under certain conditions, the lighting on mars can be in fact pretty cool, which is why we have a cool lighting render. Aside from that we believe that a colony of a million people will be able occupy a city district, with a sort of main tower in the middle of the city. The original concept was to allow the tower to have some form of control over climate (temperature, etc.) over a limited space area. We also took into considerations that the outskirts of the city will have a lower building density as they would most likely be used as resource mining stations on Mars, similar to that of real life. As for transportation, we envision that the hovercrafts that you see hovering over the city’s airspace will be a common mode of transportation alongside ground vehicles. These aerial vehicles can be likened similarly to our current subway systems.

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