Mars 3291

30 sec Cinematic short in Unreal Engine 4.

Im obsessed with mars and the possibilities.
Kitbash assets and retargeterd a few mixamo animations.

Hope your like it. :slightly_smiling_face:!
Mars 3291-high


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Really nicely made :smiley:

I was expecting something would happen at the end? From the beginning, it get more and more intense but it just drop to none at the end :frowning:

I watched few times, I’m getting pixelizations or visuals artefacts. Don’t know if it’s caused by Youtube compression and I doubt it is intended.

I think you must work on making a better ending. Not only demonstrate something visually but also the sound cut’s abruptly.

Yep, I like it :wink:

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thanks for the compliment. This was more of a teaser, similar to what ashthorp does; creating compositionally apealling set of sequences…

Currently Working on a short which will of course have an ending. :slight_smile:

Cool :smiley: