“There are quite a number of VR psychological horror games out at the moment and Marlene is certainly one of the best.”

Marlene is a Virtual Reality psychological horror game that uses room scale and physics interactions to solve tasks and puzzles that will progress the supernatural story in an immersive way.

The goal was to make an interesting story driven game which immerses the player in a realistic interactive world, that doesn’t use typical gaming conventions such as flashing icons, inventory systems and glowing bread trails.

Now available on Steam:

Recommended by UploadVR:

"This is anything but a slasher title and instead requires thought and patience to progress in the supernatural story. Marlene immerses the player into the sinster surroundings and thanks to clever game mechanics is able to build up an atmosphere of suspense.

Certainly one for the psychological horror fanatics."

Marlene has just received a major game update called Betwixt and Oculus Touch support.

More puzzles/tasks, surprises have been added and the game got a whole lot creepier using UE4 lighting effects.


New demo available at


Hope you try it out, would love some feedback.


Looks interesting, I will have to check it out tonight.

Hope you like it jagler04.

I have added the new trailer for the Betwixt update in the main post.