Marketting games stepbystep

I am an animator and illustrator first before i am a game designer.
As such my skills lies in storytelling, art, and asset creation mostly.

Since gameplay is non existent but in pitch,
and the fastest, best art i can make is in illustration or writing…
How do i promote my game to any game reviewing websites?

Create a buzz and such.

i can’t use kickstarter in my country, and being my first game, i don’t have a website to show anything, but a deviantart for my
How should go and begin a growing campaign for my game?

just my opinion, but without gameplay, is hard to make some buzz for a video game.

in my case, i used moddb, indiedb, youtube and twitter, to post news, videos, pictures of the game, but i also put gameplay videos.

try in the first place moddb and put your art there, maybe moddb can be useful for you to start the buzz.

Even with the best marketing that doesn’t guarantee success.


This is like sayin humans are uncontrollable but in reality you can achieve reactions with even the tiniest thing.
This is about control and power i think you can.

No, it’s also about having a product people want. There’s many stories about indie developers having a pretty robust marketing plan and then not selling hardly any copies when their game finally comes out.

Cool, mind to tell me those stories?

There was an article I read recently, can’t find it now though.

I totally understand all of your point.
Enzoravo, i like indiedb and stuffs, but not so sure about moddb. In fact, i’m not sure about having another, “account”.
I look at many established indie developer, and they all have so little social account under their name and stuff. Jonathan blow have like, small blogs and youtube.
it’s like, their approach are meaningful in terms of development.

And seeing from Filly_the_owl and darthviper107 point of view, it’s all indeed about content. I’m not exactly the marketting guy, but i do know what’s a good game,
even cult hits. And being indie i can’t ask too much from my skill and time, but it’s about, making the right step.
I’ve not exactly work in video games company too…
So i guess what i need is, a measure of step by step development plans?
Do i make some asset first and maybe ask to be written in Kotaku?
Or do i paint some image and tell about my game’s story?
Maybe, should i make a trailer and post on youtube and…buzz it?

Regardless, all of those possible steps, which one do you think you enjoy best to watch? Say, from indie game perspective? via unreal?

Or perhaps can i take page from unrealdevgrant winner or undertale dev story?

Let me know what you think folks.

Nowadays I find that there are quite a few different ways you can get marketing, if you have a good enough alpha/playtest version that you can release (which solely relies on content at that point), you can get livestreamers (on sites like Twitch) to stream your game, or you have YouTube, etc. There is also the possibility of having a presskit or emailing journalists, there’s a ton of ways you can get your game out there, sometimes it can be a hit or miss, but gameplay and a first impression seems to be important IMO.

Ah, it seems it all then goes into preparing the good asset and not being distracted by, excess things like, buzz building.

My game will be rather small and only fitting for small number of paying users, regardless of the market, so i’m kinda worried how to start it efficiently and market it well too.
I guess my thoughts go right into marketting, because it helps create buzz and get kickstarts… but since it is all hit a miss, as you say, the buzz only attract noise with no real contribution to development cycle.

I guess i’ll just develop in the dark and do targetted marketting with gameplay, story or first impression.

Thanks for the outlook. Next time i hope we can talk again.

I think joint ventures between game makers + local business has room to grow…
Whereas trying to compete on merit with all the ‘noise’ out there is incredibly hard.