Marketplaces destroy need in programmers

Now, why would someone ever hire me if there are readily available car systems, shooter systems, RPG, multiplayers, entire game projects.
That leaves less job for us programmers. By posting assets to get some easy cash we dig our graves. I now want to post some pack but wonder if it will leave me unemployed, maybe I better go and offer my skills for hourly rate

Because everything from the Marketplace must still be ‘plumbed’ into existing and new projects etc etc.
Because lots of stuff is still missing from the Marketplace if you sit down for a minute and think about it.
Your question is like, everything that will ever be invented has already been invented, Faux-News logic!

“must still be ‘plumbed’ into existing and new projects etc etc.”
That means that amount of job(and money since pay is contract, hourly rate or estimated time to complete your part in the project) for programmers will drop. I won’t be hired each time to recreate everything from scratch, people will just give me that template and tell me to work with it(- 50% of hours), or make something difficult unique. If previously I could survive making some starting points for the projects, making fundamental for the game, now the need in me is gone. No one’s is going to hire a guy who spent years on Unreal Engine and perfected making shooters. Because there are templates.
Main genres of games are shooters/racing. A lot of templates are available for this types of games. Even for card games, rpgs.

Weirdo XD
If it would be that easy then freelancers wouldnt have such a great live.
The marketplace solutions mostly dont work with each other at all.
You usually buy a solution for one problem: A game is made out of a huge bundle of problems.
Solve 1 get 2 new ones.

I know alot people who just buy these MP assets so they can rip them apart for infos and data.
90% MP sellers are doing not needed work.
Alot of people told me they just redo it themselves afterwards because its that much easier once you know how it works.

So yee the marketplace creates alot room for professional coders who are able todo large works like complete and custom system WICH you cant get of the MP.
Nothing on the MP is unique, everyone has it.

They’re a starting point, something to work from, not the ‘actual game’.
Reverse-Engineering and reassembling to fit your game is a key part.
As is Customization and Tailor-making things to look New / Fresh etc.
Otherwise, games can start to feel Generic which is a: ‘Kiss of Death’…
You’re over-thinking all of this. Remember: Don’t Panic - Keep Going!

So far it hasn’t really affected programmers

On the very contrary.
It’s a place where you can expose your work to skeptical potential employers.
I can tell you companies (plural) flew me to another country, expenses paid, so then I could help them solve a game breaking problem… And they’ve found me from my Marketplace page.

​​​​​You make too many topics filled with assumptions that prove you wrong because you lack experience.
I’d suggest stop making these posts and focus more on learning instead.

This is completely false. My experience differs from [USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] but I have been hired a ton of times to help clients fix messes they made thinking they can just assemble a game from marketplace assets.

I disagree as well. I urge teams I work for to purchase my marketplace products, but they still require a great deal of changes, because every game has specific requirements, style, and feel, which won’t be accomplished by gluing together marketplace assets.