Hey! I wonder does ue4 marketplace only update 1 time per week?

Unity have a tons of assets but many in low quailty. Does ue4 only add HQ assets for AAA games?

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Yes epic release marketplace content once a week, but also release plug ins at random times. They check all the packs before they go on the store for quality and making sure they meet the guide lines. where as unity seam to have much loser requirements to sell on their store.

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While I’m sure this is true, Only 20 (this week) or so is a bit slow. I realize it’s a small team responsible for the store, but it’s the same with Unity where it’s only a handful of people. In general, it would be prudent for Epic to automate a lot of the process except for the actual review (which is also manual in Unity) to speed things up. Also, while on the front end when the product is submitted they do seem to want quality, but when things have been out for awhile and not updated they don’t follow up, and this effectively still leaves the store with a bunch of junk in it that isn’t of high quality or useful anymore. Curating in the beginning but not following up with it as updates occur really doesn’t raise the overall quality in the store, and comes at the expense of reviews taking much longer.

Also, the fact that code plugins need to be updated every release regardless of if the API had breaking changes just muddles up the queue (and why is the queue still through email?) This is not very efficient. In general, I think it’s one of the reason the marketplace hasn’t taken off like Unity’s has.

Yeah of course there are problems as you have said the fact old content that hasent been update not being removed is irritating. But i think that there is a benefit to once a week release as it brings alot more publicity to pack releases then having packs coming out at random times. As well as the starting quality has to be higher then what the unity store will accept.

Yeah not trying to be overly critical, just trying to be constructive. Personally, as a programmer that has made tools for awhile on the Unity store, I would love to diversify and make some for Unreal, but looking at it from a business perspective currently it is more work for a smaller market which is not a good trade-off. After looking into it seriously over the last few weeks the negatives I’ve found are as follows and hopefully Epic can cross a few of them off there list which would help.

  1. Website is very outdated. Need to add at least some basics like sorting by popularity and other no-brainers.
  2. A publisher website to automate some of the submissions needs to be created and will help Epic’s efficiency in review times. You should be able to upload your package without using email. There is a lot of time that is spent in a very manual process, not to mention lack of a proper queue.
  3. Need to cut down on the requirements to update for future engine releases. Breaking changes happens sometimes, but most of the time plugins will work just fine and the only thing that needs to get updated is the binaries. This can be automated which will free up the queue not waste reviewers time again, and will allow them to focus on getting more quality content on the store. Re-submission should be limited to when there are breaking changes with the API only.

As far as once a week vs. all the time I don’t see any issue with either and don’t think it matters much. My comment had more to do with that it is only 20. 20/week even for a skeleton crew is not enough efficiency. I’m not knocking the reviewers at all either, it’s just there is a lot of efficiency gains that can be automated so that at least it could be 20/day or perhaps sometime up to the level that Unity approves daily. At a minimum typical review times should average 5 days or so and around the holidays maybe go to 2 weeks. There is a lot of room for improvement here. Some of that might be staff, but the biggest win/win to me is automation. Perhaps, review times will never be as fast as Unity because of the curation and that is a fair point, but it isn’t even close currently. Personally, the quality of the parts of the store that matter and aren’t buried on page 40, there isn’t really a higher bar being set by Epic especially with the outdated engine versions issue. If they really want to make the quality high that is there right but they will need to spend more time on cleanup then. Personally, I really think you get better results without curating so much, but it’s Epic’s right to disagree. To me if there are 10,000 assets buried deep in the store never to be seen again because they aren’t high quality I don’t think it bothers anything. The only thing that matter’s much is the first few pages in every category/subcategory and if something is really niche a good rating system will prevent people from buying junk.

Epic, please make reduce your regulatory policy regarding the marketplace. I would rather have more frequent updates of good content with some bad content in the marketplace, rather than all the content being good that never gets updated!