Marketplace web wont let me sign in, in EPIC it wont even load

When I click marketplace in the EPIC launcher I get this screen…

when I click the sale banner I get a webpage that won’t let me login, one time it loaded with Chinese looking menus despite the URL including /en-US/ and hitting the reload button brought back english menus again. what is going on? little bit concerned that they have my CC info at this point
clicking on the unreal logo takes me to the main page where I am logged in but clicking on marketplace takes me to a page where I am not logged in, and clicking the sign-in button doesn’t do anything.

It looks like you’re experiencing an issue that is impacting a small number of marketplace customers that is preventing them from accessing the marketplace. We’ve reported this to our developers to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

This issue does not appear to be related to an account compromise or any sort of malicious behavior. However, if you have any concern whatsoever about the security of your account, I strongly suggest that you scan your computer and update your passwords. We’d also appreciate it if you could create a support ticket so we can track your situation. If you have any debug logs, we’d appreciate it if you could share that with us to help us as well to further narrow down the issue.