Marketplace Updates

So, I’m noticing kind of an annoying thing as far as the marketplace/vault are concerned:

  1. On the site and in the launcher, all packages are shown as updated on 1969/December/31.
  2. There is absolutely nowhere in the launcher or the site that shows what was recently updated in your vault.
  3. Often, the Launcher shows a Library update (orange circle with x number of items updated) – however, there is absolutely no way to know what was updated. I had one item updated this morning, and I absolutely could not find what was updated.

I has a sad. ;_;

I just read through the entire debug log file trying to figure this out. THE OCD IN ME IS IN PAIN.

Hi mittense,

Unfortunately, I’m not certain what you mean. Can you show me a screenshot of where you are seeing the updated on 1969/December/31? I don’t see this anywhere on the launcher or the website. If you can show me where you are seeing this I can see what may be going on.

The marketplace website was showing the 1969 dates this morning around 6am EST. Now the launcher just has those dates.

Alternatively: you guys perfected UE4 a long, long time ago.

As for the update badge (though this time I was able to find which package was updated):


Most of my content says 1970.
I also agree it’s hard to tell which package is being updated since many vendors put little round icons on their icon graphic which kind of resembles the orange update dot.
I’d like to be able to organize assets by function and custom groups.

Marketplace web site should has a wish list or favourites list for add items.

Additionally, a category for “recently updated” packages (not just version updates, but content updates) would be the best thing ever in the world.

Unfortunately I’m not seeing this on my end.


Have you updated your launcher recently? This was taken on the most recent version of the launcher.

This is my version:

And, yeah, I still see 1969.

I did some digging into this and found that this is a known issue specific to the vault. There is a bug report internally for this error.

yay i am not crazy!

(it upsets me that all caps statements are not allowed. ;_:wink:

this is what i’m saying.,…metoo!