Marketplace UI needs fixing and improving

To me the most glaring issues are:

-sort options, could also do with sorting by price, and by **discount **(see humble store for an example)
-price filtering, currently it filters by the “base price” instead of “actual price”, this should be changed, at least optionally
-content delivery, Why do I have to use the epic launcher to download? a link to dl directly on the page would be great

Quite excited by todays up-to-90% sale

Super disappointed by the UI.

I’m happy to make these changes and work on the marketplace for a small stipend, but suspect that willing hands are there - a decision just needs to be made?

Can we have these features? I’m tempted to scrape some data so I can sort and filter it freely, but would rather the official UI fulfils my needs

I made a post about this last year during one of the sales, and nothing has changed.

100% agree. If you can’t find it, what’s the point of having it on sale in the first place.

Well - in many ways the point of a sale is to get customers in to buy things that are not on sale…

But with that in mind, I will visit an online shop much more often if it has better search/filter, and buy things more often.
As it is I feel some reluctance to peek around the marketplace, and not filtering or sorting by the price i will pay in a sale is quite a downer