Marketplace to buy UDK particles?

The UE4 marketplace is packed full of fx packs. It would be great if there was somewhere I could find fx for UDK.

Anyone know of anywhere?

Honestly, I buy a lot of stuff from the Unity Asset Store. Most of the time it comes with .png and .fbx files and I just import those. It can be a pain sometimes, but that’s what I’ve done since before UE4 and I’m sticking with it because it works.

I don’t know of anyone who sells UDK particle effects directly. I’ve had to make pretty much all of my particles from scratch. Until about a month ago that meant that all of my particle effects were pretty awful. But if you can’t find someone to make your effects, you might want to check out a YouTube channel called DucVu FX. His tutorials are all geared towards Unity, but you can do the exact same things in UDK (and do it better, may I add). He starts off with making the assets in After Effects and/or Photoshop and goes all the way through creating the particle effect. And for $1 on Patreon, he’ll give you access to all of his After Effects files and textures.

I know our games are pretty different stylistically, so my cartoony effects probably wouldn’t work for you, but if you’ve seen anything of mine that you’re interested in (I should probably post more of what I’ve been working on below…), let me know and I’ll just send it to you for a thank-you in the credits.

I’ve also made a bunch of kind of cartoony explosion/burst effects, similar to what you see at!/content/91648.

Like I said, probably not your style, but if I can help, let me know.

I pick and modify them from the gnomon/eat 3d/3d motive fx/particle tutorial dvds.

@O_and_N Would you mind linking to the tutorial dvd’s you mention? Looking on their site, i can’t seem to find the ones you mention. Thanks

These will have a fair number of examples.…l-fx-for-games…r-s-guide.html…cs-in-udk.html…collision.html

And something that will be of great help is to buy from steam more modern UE3 games like

killing floor 2
primal carnage
primal carnage extinction
painkiller hell and damnation
maybe even borderlands 1 and 2

Because they come with the editor and you can see how the particle fx were made and reverse engineer it in udk(or just secretly copy paste>mod it and make it your own)

A litle bit more work,but in terms of content and knowledge,i think udk still has a edge here.