Marketplace team not reading tickets?

A week ago I sent through updated files for one of my assets as a new ticket. One of the marketplace team members attached the ticket to a much older, closed ticket for a different asset and told me that it was closed and they couldn’t do anything about it.

So the same day I sent **another **new ticket requesting the files be updated. That ticket has not been responded to.

Perhaps if I post the issue here it will get some attention.

Hi Antidamage, apologies for the delay in communications. We’ve tracked down your ticket from Aug. 27, and it is still active. Someone from the Marketplace team may have been in touch over email already, but I wanted to confirm here that your files ought to be updated by the end of the week.

That was the ticket asking why the ticket from the 21st wasn’t being responded to. I appreciate that you’re eventually updating the files but it’s not really good enough is it? Why are Epic developers having to handle any of this? There seems to be a lot wrong with this.

While I can’t speak to your ticket from Aug. 21, I will follow up on it and someone will get back to you.

Quite a few of us who aren’t normally on Marketplace are jumping in because of the communications issues that sellers have brought to light, and we are prioritizing taking care of sellers’ needs immediately. For starters, we’re training numerous new folks on the team to reduce the review backlog and address unanswered tickets. Yesterday, we released a developer portal (beta) that sellers can use to automate more of the release and update process. Right now, we’re working on a post about how the developer portal works, and how folks can take advantage of it right away. That post is supposed to go up in the Creators Hub today.

@crowl do you know why projects that have been submitted in the past but are not yet approved are not on the new developer portal? i still have no idea on the status of my submission and its been over 11 weeks.

Would you be able to figure out what’s going on with my product release? I was told two weeks ago that I’d be receiving a release date within a couple days. The product (Modular SciFi: Series 1 Starter Bundle) was approved the exact same day as my Ice Shader, yet my ice shader was released shortly after and I haven’t heard any response regarding the bundle since. The bundle was even submitted before the ice shader, and comprised of products that were already released on this very marketplace. Very frustrating that I can’t seem to get an answer on this for weeks. =(

Can you elaborate on the “training new people”? We’ve read this before, months ago even. What sort of process do new trainees have to go through to need months of training to process and review assets? If this is new people again, others than originally trained months ago, then we’ve seen no difference what so ever in the speed at which tickets gets processed and answered.

Well that’s definitely appreciated. Thank you to everyone there pitching in.

[sorry for the cross post] I sent on August 11th an update of a code plugin for UE4.17 compatibility, still no answer from the marketplace team as of today. Customers are complaining both on the forums and on the marketplace page. I don’t know what to answer to them… What should I communicate?

@crowl My plugin’s review was a month ago. still waiting for releasing date. No answer from and ticket mail.

Hi everyone, the Marketplace team is making progress on the backlog, and while I can’t speak to individual tickets, you can see a more thorough update about steps we are taking in this thread. Thanks to those of you who are submitting / re-submitting through the new seller portal to help streamline the release process. We’re working to roll out more communications in the Creators Hub toward the end of the week.

@crowl Well, it’s been a week and the asset wasn’t updated.

What now? Do we release our own open source launcher that connects to other marketplaces that actually function?