Marketplace Survey - How often do you use it and what do you buy?

Hello there,

I’m doing a research on the needs and interests of game developers, focused on unreal engine. For this i created a survey, which only takes around 1 minute to fill in.
The reason behind this is that we want to map out a more clear view of what game developers/teams/studios need from the marketplace or online websites that sell game assets.

If anyone would be so kind to fill it out, you can find the form here:

with kind regards,
Celeste Peeters!

i want to see the results!

I’m planning on announcing the results when the research is over. Which is roughly set over 30 days if it’s successful, if not i’ll delay 15-30 days.


You forgot “Person(freelancer)” which is not just an hobby but what many now so called startup come from if the freelancer makes money and can then hire people to create a small software house…

Ah well the intention was to put that under studio. But i’ll add it when i’m home. Ty :slight_smile:

Survey still up for replies!

Got 30 replies so far! Can we make it 40 or even 50 for a more accurate result? :slight_smile: