Marketplace Support Response Time

I’ve submitted a package which had some issues, and then without any prompting from me was emailed:

Just wanted to check in and see if you have had a chance to make the corrections we requested. Once the changes have been made, please update the link in your seller portal and press submit.

Another email after the first rejection:

We’ve completed a review of your product (RPG Character Anims) and there are some concerns that must be addressed before we can proceed. Please refer to the PDF attached to this email for further details.

Your product now has a status of CHANGES NEEDED. Please take the following steps to submit changes to your product and put it back into a status of PENDING APPROVAL:

The problem is that my product never got switched to CHANGES NEEDED and is still listed at PENDING APPROVAL so I’m unable to change or submit.

I’ve emailed and no response for 3 days now. Is this typical support wait time for the Unreal Marketplace?


@Explosive We have reached out to you through your submission ticket. Please let me know if you did not receive our email.