Marketplace Summer Sale - Dates? What happened? Not on sale?

FPS/SCI-FI - Aug. 8 - Aug. 14

I took 8-14th as the sale would be starting the 8th and including the 14th, but the marketplace items appear not to be on sale anymore. I was going to do some shopping. Are there dry dates where NO items are on sale during this special event? The items show up on the SALE page, but they are no longer on sale.

FPS Weapon Pack Vol 2
Deadghost Interactive


Modular SciFi: Materials & Decals
Jonathon Frederick


Ballistics FX
Cubit Studios


SciFi Props Pack
Olivier Garrigue


Yeah I noticed the same thing. I was going to purchase the Ballistics FX today but it had already went back up.

It’s already Aug. 15 in Epic timezone so the first week of sale is over. Seems like Price change is scheduled and happens automatically, yet changing categories(“On sale” is just a category on Marketplace) is manual and won’t happen until Marketplace team update it