Marketplace suggestion: no sales only permanent price drops

Marketplace suggestion: no sales only permanent price drops if any pricing changes.

It’s a pain to keep tracking assets constantly (see unity asset store). If a asset is worth a price it shouldn’t change daily. This would let people buy an asset on day one not expecting an 80% price drop someday in the next couple months.

Only time I could see a price increase being valid is a massive upgrade of a given asset that wants to be given free to early adopters.

I disagree. There are many valid reasons for having sales.

I also disagree, strongly. I’m assuming you’re gonna be only consumer of the marketplace and not a creator. Now why would a creator agree to what you proposed?

Remember, if you have the best terms for consumers of any marketplace, but not much good for creators, there is not going to be any assets to sell in the first place.

I’m sorry, but it’s not how you build community of developers and users-developers. What you want to achieve with position like “Only permanent price drops”?
I don’t even understand how you would justify that. Assets get rotten? Developers should be punished? Users should be rewarded?
Your proposal is like a slap to all developers :confused:
Sales brings more money to developers due to more clients and users gets more assets due to lower prices. Win-Win.

I’m just a future marketplace customer (don’t plan on developing assets anytime soon), but I totally disagree with your proposal.

Developers should be free to increase or decrease their price at will. If they increase their price too much they’ll be punished with lower sales and viceversa – they’ll be self-regulated.

No sales, Only permanent price drops!?. That has to be one of the most ridiculous request’s even before the market place is open imaginable. If im selling something and epic said ‘Right, were going to do a 25% off sale based on your analytic s to bump sales this weekend’ why wouldn’t that be acceptable?.

If im trying to get sales and there slow, I offer epic to discount my assets by %50 for a small period, what’s the problem with that?. I want to do a competition for loyal subscribers or community members and give them for example a special discount code to use on the market place for my assets, that’s my decision.

Im very near to being homeless right now, £8000 in debt on credit cards with minimum payments that make your eye’s water (after being ill for 12 months) and new bills pouring in every month still, Bottom line i have no one to rely on, if i cant pay the bills im on the street. Ive put months of work into my assets to go on sale for a reason.

I normally wouldn’t get aggravated like this by such a comment, but ive had about 12 hours sleep over the last 96 hours getting this done. If you don’t appreciate what’s on the market dont buy it, simple.

I totally understand this position and it looks like I’m the only one with this opinion so it’s probably dead in the water but here is the rational. If anyone wants they can sell outside the asset store (like coherent/speed tree) are currently so strict policies/curation in the marketplace can create a better experience for the users increase trust in the marketplace/developer and make an asset have a fixed value (premium).

As you said if you don’t like it don’t buy it, but having increadibly short, extreme and quick sales make it much more difficult to device how to evaluate what’s on the market.

[car analogy]
What if the same Ford F-150 that you bought yesterday for $15,000 was $2,500 today. As a purchaser you’d be happy to buy it at $2,500 or ****** you bought it for $15,000. Additionally it creates worry / paralysis when you see it full price that buying today is a suckers move even if you’re going to start using it today. Also it makes it very hard to evaluate what something is worth.
[/car analogy]

The reason to suggest no sales is that it makes a product more valuable as you know it will never be discounted. If you read in Unity forums or other third party locations you’ll see people constantly talking about assets and saying this like “I’ll just wait for a sale”. The people who talk about Unity asset store pirate community often say things like “well I just wanted to try it out but I’ll wait for the sale”.

In short if you disallow extremely short term sales (like weekends like Unity/Steam) then people can make considered decisions and not feel cheated by sales. Also if they want something they know the time to buy it is now instead of later (anticipating a deep sale). As I said it doesn’t matter as it looks like no one agrees but I feel allowing developers to change the price on a daily basis erodes trust from the users to the developers and marketplace.

Being as the whole system is non-exclusive (you can sell on your own site) it doesn’t really matter as Epic is kind of stuck allowing developers to control prices otherwise people would just run sales on their own websites and the marketplace would be stuck with a higher price. I guess I’ll just have to make it clear if and when I get something in the marketplace that I personally won’t be running any sales for at least the first 12 months to let my early adopters make decisions without fear for a 75% off sale the next day after they purchase.

Reference : Why Rampant Sales are Bad for Players / News / The Castle Doctrine Forums

Why not wait until the Marketplace is open and see how it goes?

Beep2Bleep, I know you didn’t mean it this way, but it does come across as you wanting everyone to pay more for marketplace stuff, just so you don’t run the risk of feeling like someone (that you don’t even know) may have paid less than you for something, an indeterminate period of time afterwards.

The truth is, sales are invaluable, for both customers and developers. I’ve seen some comments of devs about their steam games. Often, they got twice as much money from their game, only because of sales. Because people feel the pressure, that if they don’t buy it now, and wil want to buy it in the future, they will have to pay a lot more, which in effect leads to buying it even if they don’t actually need it, but it makes them happy, that theyh got it for a lower price. And devs are happy because they get loads of sales.

And the people who are really interested and have the money would most likely have bought already. Having a sale down the line opens up to people that can’t afford it at the original price, which brings in more money and potential future customers of new products you put out.

Preventing sales would be very bad and I’m yet to hear a valid reason to do it.