Marketplace submission time and voting order suc**!

This process to start to sell something here on the marketplace suc**! 4 days after submitting, and it is not even on Trello to be voted yet.
Perhaps you guys should change the voting order. A submission should go right into Trello. Then, after the community votes, you guys look at it, request the product from the seller, look if fits the quality requirement, and if yes, put it on marketplace.
And we don’t even receive an email after submitting. If something goes wrong with the process, we won’t ever know. And we will be waiting, and waiting…

We have had our fair share of issues on just the requirements alone, have not even made it to the submission part, but that’s just how the ball bounces. I think the community pressure always asking about the marketplace launch enticed Epic to launch it as fast as possible without really having a solid game plan in place. Things will be ironed out hopefully sooner then later, but until then I feel your pain. looking forward to using your climbing system in our game.

Hey Alex, We’re still working out the kinks on the submissions process, so thanks for the feedback! At this time we typically only reach back out immediately if something is wrong with or missing from the submission. Review and setup have a number of manual bits at this point, so we appreciate your patience in the process, and know that refining the entire pipeline is something we are actively working on.

Thanks again

And to be open about it, we felt it was better to launch now with imperfections than to delay until everything was exactly right. Sort of a “ready, fire, aim” approach.

We chose to be aggressive and appreciate your patience as we make course corrections. :slight_smile:

I get it, but it suc***. kkkkkkk And I am fine with imperfections. :wink:

Also, I fill that you guys are going in a wrong direction with this. And when submissions scales up, you guys are going to see this, and realize it was a waste of time trying to control. Unless, you guys are thinking of having only a few top items on Marketplace, instead of a sell and buy everything there.

But hey, I am only trying to help.

this is why the unreal market place is only focused on “bring money to the seller” and not ressource for indie to build a game entirely i would like to see in the future MANY MANY assets publied every week like Unity market place i hop EpicStaff go work on this!!


You are posting on a year old thread.
Now you have assets releases to market space every week on wednesday.

While I agree that the submit to release time should take at most 1 week and the patch/update to release should be at most 48 hours (they’re working on it), the Unreal Marketplace is way better than any other out there because 10 good/great quality assets are always better than 200 poor quality made for milking assets. (just throwing some random numbers)

but accepting workflow is still bad, especially when engine updates.

Honestly, I think we still have a long way to go for the marketplace submissions, I started the submission of my package at the beginning of October, and it is scheduled for release in December. I know that that may not sound like a long time, but it certainly is. Honestly I am just wondering why they delay the release for so long after they have already approved my content.

Ive released 2 marketplace packages, both released within at least a month of submission with there only being a few hiccups on the first submission.

As far as i am aware there are a few variables that Epic take into consideration when releasing even approved content. They only want to release gradually so as to not burn out so to speak. Also if your submission has similar style content to an already released package im pretty sure your “spot” will be given up to content that is unique and fills a particular need or niche at that time.

Both my packages were unique in the sense that there wasnt anything like them on the marketplace when i submitted.

At least that is my take on the situation and i kind of agree with the way they are doing it. This way more quality content can be released instead of having a whole bunch of similar stuff that may not even be relevant to the markets needs at that time.

For the most part we release content in the order that it’s received and approved, and based on when people can get us all the correct information. As it stands, we have a lot of content in the pipeline, and have 10 - 15 assets scheduled for release every week through December. We release as much as we can every week and we’re gradually working toward 15 releases every week, but the present rate of release is as much as our team can reliably sustain at the current quality level. The Marketplace is unusual in that we’re very high-touch and hands-on with the content that comes in to ensure quality and support with all of our sellers, and that takes a lot of time. At present we’re supporting nearly 500 pieces of content across over 200 individual sellers, and we’re growing steadily every week. In addition to publishing our weekly releases we’re constantly receiving and reviewing new submissions, testing and iterating on submitted content, providing customer and seller support, publishing updates for content, and managing all refund and billing and finance-related requests. There’s a lot that goes on under the hood, and we’re constantly working on improving. :slight_smile: In fact, in the coming year we’ll be rolling out more public-facing tools that will help speed up this process and remove the more time-consuming aspects of submission and publishing so we can keep moving forward and growing.

thats not how ANY market works