Marketplace Submission Process too slow!

Hey guys,
i just started submitting a product i’d like to sell on the marketplace and realized that your process to evaluate submissions is way too slow. I filled out the initial form 14 days ago, 10 days ago i got my first reply with a list of all the changes needed, 4 days ago i replied to it with a few more questions and i still haven’t received an answer. Basically i’m sitting on this product for 2 weeks now. The process you have created is insanely uneffective. Why can’t you create a webapplet similar to the Unity or Steam Store where developers can just manage all their products and all you have to do is reviewing it ? I’m at the point where i think i might just create a forum thread for the it and sell it on my own site - would have been faster.

It’s a long standing problem. I know some people is waiting for release date AFTER approval for 2 months. For plugin developers this number rises to ~3-5 months.

Epic added a couple more people to their review team, but they are in “training” mode now, maybe situation will get better after they will join the team.

In your situation though you delayed it 6 days

That’s the whole point. If one could manage their submissions on the webpage i would not have needed 6 days to continue the process - i’m working on multiple projects and travelling a lot and i’m afraid that if it takes 3-4 days to get a reply my reaction time is similar as i’m not sitting infront of my machine starring at the inbox to wait for a reply. Additionally, the information they sent you after submitting should be publically available so you can prepare everything before the initial submission. That way i would have had a marketplace conform plugin submitted the moment i submitted the initial request.

This currently.
Trust me, the 6 days delay is meaningless compared to how slow the submission process is.

I thought about releasing stuff (animations) on the marketplace but after hearing how slow the process was I decided not to, because I really hate waiting for things like that. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way but it would probably be better for everyone if it wasn’t like this.

The main thing is that they have to review the asset which takes time and they aren’t as fast at it as some other places that do manual reviews, but they also can’t control how quickly you get back to them

There is no doubt that the MP Team cannot control how fast a person that submits a product for review responds. With the obvious having been stated. This begs the question (petitio principii), if you will that the process to have a product in the Marketplace, from start to finish is slow (the reasons for it, are not of consequence to my response). This leads to frustration on the part of the seller/developer, and that is in and of itself, something that Epic Games Inc. should not desire.

The Marketplace is far more, than just Epic Games Inc. bringing buyers and sellers together, and taking 30% off the top of the financial transaction. It should be a marketing tool, that Epic Games Inc uses, in order to further advance the income derived from the UE4 engine itself. Thereby increasing the popularity of the engine, further enhancing revenue not only from the Marketplace, but from the 5% royalty of the use of the UE4 engine in commercial products.

As someone that has purchased, over 50 packs from the marketplace, I do not like to see a person in this very same thread, state they are NOT submitting animations, because of the submission process.

Jay Ice
IceWare Inc.

Why they are not as fast as other places?
I think it’s because more people does not equal more efficiency.

So much more needs to be automated. Take the crossed wires/noodlers in a blueprint. Why is this not automated, the code already exists in the editor, to generate the angles on the wires, there fore it is not that much of a stretch to be able to automate, whether wires are crossed or not. Alleviating the “reviewer” from having to check each and every wire. The process of checking for PBR should be able to be automated as well, I mean how much code are we talking about to see, if there are 3 pins being used in a material?

The list of things does continue, but there is no need for the people employed for the Marketplace, need to be spending time, on such mundane issues as these. When the process of submitting a pack, from start to finish, is deemed to be so slow. As well as others besides active sellers, knowing of this, and those people making a decision based on this, to not submit.

This thread decreases my motivation to release my plugin :’(

I shall not read it.


If others like Unity and Apple can approve marketplace assets quickly then Epic Games can to. Unity can be a bigger Company and Apple is a giant in the business indeed but it doesn’t mean that Epic Games can continue to be so slow for a very long time.
They will end up losing customers… less game developers using UE4 for developing games and less developers of marketplace assets… That is something that must not happen unless Epic Games wanted to quit the market completely and sell everything to competitors and such. And this along with UE4 needing an overall better APIs documentation too and critical bugs fixed immediately whenever is needed and so on. Epic Games must step up and fix issues before it is too late.

Well it’s been over a week now since i answered to the initial email they have sent me and still haven’t received any reply. Maybe i’ll just build a website with a paypal gateway and promote the site here on the forums.

It’s called :wink:

Goes by other names too including this:stuck_out_tongue:

The risk of rejection is high first time around too, so a backup plan is a sound thing.

Not confident this will be addressed soon. Staff are less chatty and Alex is gone too!

Almost one month has past without getting a reply so my VoiceChat Plugin is still stuck in Limbo… Guess i focus more on Unity Assets again. Good luck.

What is the point of bumping minor versions of the engines constantly if you can’t even stay on top of your content matching it?

New Stuff: I am waiting for several items that are in review that have been on unity for a long freakin’ time already! And now some are available outside the marketplace… I’d rather buy in marketplace but kinda sick of the delays so odds are by the time it’s on marketplace I’ll have already bought it somewhere else on a sale (New Synty store, i’m looking at you!)

Updated Stuff: Yay 4.17! that’ll be fun… later… Still waiting for engine plugin that’s been submitted for awhile now. Feels like I just barely got settled in 4.16!

Maybe Epic should take a different tack?

  • Maybe your requirements are too high or too silly? You could most likely lower the bar safely… Instead of checking for crossed wires or what i’m sure are a bevy of other dumb things, automate blueprint screenshots that are illegible but show the structure and let buyers do their own deciding if it’s a hot mess. Maybe the blueprint WITH a crossed wire was easier to read than 100% uncrossed? I know my BP’s have a few because it’s actually cleaner.
  • Allow purchase/update of unreviewed items but have a warning. Especially for updated items, just allow me to get my updated stuff! Possibly for New stuff even, allow devs submitting to decide if they want to wait to allow purchase until review complete or allow purchase during review with the caveat that Epic holds any purchase funds until it clears and if the item fails to make it into the marketplace buyers get credited their $ back.

It’s obvious their current path isn’t working. I wonder how many people stay or move to unity because of their marketplace being better. Face it, unity marketplace is superior and many content providers are moving towards dual releases which really highlights Epics ball dropping. good example is Android/IOS/Windows Phone - android/ios fanbois can’t comprehend it, but nearly everyone I know who tried WP thought it was amazing and superior to android/ios. I used all 3 and WP was easily my favorite except the apps situation. I still miss WP (I don’t use because no new phones) and curse android near daily because it blows in comparison. Long story short: You can have the best engine, but if your content store sucks you might eventually lose the battle. Unity is already here to stay and started as the underdog. I remember when UE was the underdog - where is id now? Is that what we’ll be saying few years from now? Where is UE now?

While their MP certainly can use improvement, look at the Steam top 10… Compare the number of UE4 to Unity games… There is a reason for that…because its a better more complete engine.


My submission process started in April. Or March. Can’t remember now. Still in progress :smiley:

This thread starts to make me laugh. I thought maybe someone at Epic would give a sht when i opened it - in the hopes that it might help to speed up the process. I feel so naive now…