Marketplace Spring Sale & Product List

Hello everyone.

We are excited to announce the Marketplace Spring Sale, with incredible deals on more than 1,900 items and discounts up to 90% off!

The sale will go live on Tuesday, March 6th at 12:00 am EST and will run for 8 days, ending Tuesday, March 13th at 11:59 pm EST.

We’ve added sorting by price and discount options to the website interface to help you sort through content on any of our pages, including category views and searches. We’re also providing a spreadsheet for download that includes the following information:

  • Seller Name
  • Pack Name
  • Asset Category
  • Discount Percent
  • Link to the listing

You can find the spreadsheet here.

Thanks and happy shopping!
Marketplace Team

I found my projects on the list, but …

Why are my projects not sold at a discount?

Here are my projects -…/Arthur%20Dark

Correct this please.

I put all my projects for sale at a discount of 20%.

Lots of dupes on the MP list (this one: Event Sale - UE Marketplace)

Yeah the marketplace is totally broken. I get a list of 72 pages, but am repeatedly shown the same content on different pages (7, 18, 24, …) and so on. Going back a page also seems to totally mess up the order of the content. So now I do not know if I missed something and I don’t feel like going through 72 pages again. ;(

Seriously, please do not make a spring sale if your website is broken…

I’m getting this issue too. I scrolled through most of the pages but duplicate items kept coming up all the time.

All our plugins on sale up to 40%!

Anyone else having issue with purchases? Prompted to contact support, but cant as support page is down! lol

Hey Adam,

Please email from the email address connected to your account and we can look into the purchase block that was applied to your account. It’s usually due to incorrect payment details but can be caused by other issues. We’re happy to take a look for you!

Marketplace Team

so once again…

why can’t I sort categories AND on sale products? I can’t browse through 76 pages of things…

Have you tried navigating to the category you are interested in and using the sort tools at the top right to sort by discount?

Here’s an example url:…ountPercentage

I navigated to the Environment category first and then sorted by discount using the sort tools at the top right. You should be able to sort any pages including searches. Hope this helps!

oh finally! thanks! :slight_smile:

My music and SFX are 50% off!…chemy%20Studio

some infos about my packs here: